Netgear Wax 206 DHCP issue with 5ghz

I have found some strange behaviour with my Netgear wax 206. I'm using it as a AP and it has been working super until I updated to the current OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc2 r23228-cd17d8df2a / LuCI openwrt-23.05 branch git-23.118.79121-6fb185f.

I have 3 vlans, all controlled by my Nanopi R4S with DHCP enabled for all vlans in the respective Ip addresses ( - - - and DHCP disabled on the wax206 ofcourse.

I was seetting up a new IOT-device which went just fine... until I discovered that it was NOT connected to the IOT net but the LAN net so I started to check settings and found my phone also was on the LAN net though it was connected to the IOT lan according to my phone settings . hmmm

Checking almost everything on my router, switch and the Wax206 I finally has found the culprit - on the 5 ghz wireless connection things go wrong - no matter if I connect my phone or Ipads to the LAN wireless (SSID) or the IOT wireless (SSID), I only get Ip adresses from the LAN dhcp server.

  • I then disabled the 5 ghz wireless on the WAX 206 for the IOT interface and voila I get an ip address from the IOT dhcp server (via 2,4 ghz) when connecting to the IOT wireless (SSID) and I get LAN ip address when connecting to LAN wireless (from the 5ghz SSID).

Settings in the LAN and the IOT 5ghz wireless on the WAX 206 is same - no discrepansies

I have allowed connection from my LAN to my IOT in the firewall - thats why I can see and operate IOT devices.

I haven't found other issues like this in the forum but is it a known issue or ?


Can you share your wireless config file, please?

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Hi eduperez.

I think I found the reason to my problem :

On Github I have uploaded my settings and according to people there my vlan's are not in order so I will review my settings on my devices and act accordingly

Thanks for replying

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