Netgear WAC124 TFTP method


I reset my Netgear WAC124 with stock firmware to factory defaults and would like to install OpenWRT. The problem is that I can't get past the login screen; without an Internet connection a message appears that first setup can't be done offline.

With an internet connection I'm stuck in a loop to login using my Netgear account followed by the router checking Internet connection after which I have to login using my Netgear account again, it's a nightmare!

That's why I wanted to flash OpenWRT using the TFTP method (which I successfully did with another Netgear router) but this part is missing in the wiki. Also the generic way did not work, the flashing process did not start.

What is the correct procedure for this device?

Use nmrpflash method (which is basicaly close to tftp), and use an openwrt factory image. That should do the trick.

I see that this device is an AP, nevertheless it has a internet WAN connector ?
I have seen a WAC104, but without a WAN connector, which is normal.

Yes this did work, very nice!

The WAN connector is used if the device is in AP mode (not repeater mode) with the stock firmware. Not needed but I guess the pro is you get all the 4 LAN ports at the back to use :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad you succeded
Keep nmrpflash in mind, it's very helpfull to unbrick netgear devices.

so in AP mode, the WAN port is connected to the router ? Despite not being a real WAN.

Yes and yes, because it seems it also has some sort of router functionality built-in. But since I wasn't able to play with the stock fw I can't tell for sure

That can be important because OpenWrt may recognize it as a real WAN. Hence you'll have a real router, and not just an AP.

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