Netgear WAC124, R6300 , R7800

Hi everyone pretty excited to make my first post here
Here’s some background about my network set up !

My old R6300 V2 Router became a DDWRT AP about 6 years ago and has been doing well and currently lives in my shed - need to make it openWRT but struggling as of yet to change firmware !?

When I moved the R6300 to the shed
I bought a WAC124 to replace it as my ‘upstairs ap’

WAC124 The interface is awful ! Netgear requiring you to log in!?
I installed openWRT without realising it was a snapshot ! With some Googling managed to get a GUI on it but realise it only runs in wireless BG

And my R7800 few weeks back went from stock to DDWRT which was awful and as of today to openWRT which is the best it’s ever performed!

R7800-router ap main house
WAC124 -ap upstairs
R6300 - ap shed
3 netgear unmanaged switches

So in summary

  1. Will there be a WAC124 supported firmware? (If I can help in some way I’ll try my best!) so I can get wireless ac

  2. Any recommendations on the R6300 APto get it back to factory from ddwrt so I can go to openwrt

  3. D7800 router performs like a beast now is there
    any recommended settings

There is already snapshot support available for this device.

Since this is dd-wrt related, you should better ask this question in the dd-wrt forum.

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Okay great
I’ll try looking a bit harder into it for both of them

Maybe I’m just too tired and will try tomorrow :joy:

If you meant hardware revision 1 of the R6300: dd-wrt

Right, so the R6300 wouldnt flash back to Netgear as i was not on the latest firmware from DD, having done so i am now back to Netgear, and just trying to find a good release of openWRT which supports the 2.4/5 channels

The WAC124 i am yet to try upgrade it to the next level of firmware

  1. R7800 on OpenWRT seems to be running great
  2. R6300 on Stock firmware seems to be running great too as a shed AP
  3. WAC124, i think I want to put it back on stock firmware, however i can not get the tftpd64 to work with it , its a bit beyond me with the no GUI and having added gui its still not great

Can anyone advice on the WAC124
installed snapshot firmware not realising what it was
Managed to add GUI

Currently can’t seem to talk to it
Want to go back to OEM

Please use your topic Bricked WAC124? for questions how to get back to stock.


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