NETGEAR WAC104 boot looping

I bought 2 NETGEAR WAC104's to use as access points in my house. One of them flashed successfully, and I managed to configure and deploy. The other one is causing me trouble.

It appears that it initially seems to work fine after flashing, but after a restart or two (maybe 3), it gets stuck in a boot loop. It works as a switch for a little bit in between the loops, and the power LED also toggles on and off. I'm completely unable to access LuCI, or even ping to it.

I've used nmrpflash to recover it several times now, and every time I start over, the same thing happens. I already tried reflashing the sysupgrade image from Luci, as another thread said that the OEM firmware installer might not install correctly, but it still ends up getting stuck in a boot loop.

I suspect that maybe the hardware is faulty. I haven't even tried using the OEM firmware, as I bought it specifically to run OpenWrt. What is the best way to go about troubleshooting this problem?

Return to flashing the OEM firmware and rule out hardware damage.

Yeah that's what I was planning to do. Let's hope the OEM firmware does 802.11r.

Screw it I don't feel like dealing with this, I'm just gonna return it and say it got bricked in a firmware update. The OEM firmware doesn't even do 802.11r.

Update: I RMA'd the broken one and bought a new one. I flashed it and it worked right away, no problems at all. I guess it likely was faulty hardware. My best guess is it passed quality control due to the OEM firmware not being bothered by a particular hardware fault.

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