Netgear R8000P

I tried to flash
would not take the file
I flashed lowest firmware first

What does not take the file?
Stock firmware, web gui, openwrt sysupgrade...
Please be more precise...

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My router is a R8000P that is why it would not load
I have not been able to find support for this model

When attempting to install the initial release after installing upgrade firmware. my router would not accept dd-wrt firmware never got to the web upgrade
contacted dd-wrt the said they don't support this version
I do not know why but a 400$ router sitting in a box because it's not secure sucks

R8000 vs. R8000P:

-> R8000P has BCM4906 -> Not a single device with this SoC listed as supported by OpenWrt.

Thank you
So it's trash