Netgear R8000 Wi-Fi broken after 21.02 upgrade

I can't help but point out that this page implies that both of my devices are "Ideal for OpenWrt". Yes, it does have the Broadcom note at the top, but I wouldn't consider any device with "limited OpenWrt supportability" as "Ideal for OpenWrt", especially when there are plenty of non-Broadcom options among the 378 devices currently in that table.

Same applies to the other page. Listing Xiaomi AX3200, for which no official OpenWrt images even exist, as "Ideal for OpenWrt" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Both of these pages are just views of the big ToH, filtered by certain technical criteria, but I find it surprising that "friendliness" with OpenWrt, or open-source firmware in general, is not among that criteria.

Sorry if I come off as grumpy. I'll certainly try to set up both of my devices again. I just hoped it would all work out faster.

By the way, I noticed that some device pages (at least the one for the aforementioned Xiaomi router) spot an "Unsupported Functions" table. That table would be a good place to list stuff like lack of WPA3 support where applicable.

The only way that the R8000 is ideal for openwrt was with chaos calmer (full control of all 3 radios), I lose all wifi on any firmware after that. runs like a champ on chaos/

Then submit changes to the R8000 page documenting the unsupported behaviour.

This is all community generated content, it’s very unclear whom you think would be making updates for the device you’ve got, that you found an issue with.

These types of problems aren’t documented because Users don’t take the time to submit updates to the device pages.

I dont know how or even what to change. I compiled a bunch of firmware to get it working right. I would even post my working firmware if I knew where to post it. -just an old man in a changing world-

Hey, comment was directed at the OP, however there is a Community builds part of the forum.

Host your builds and code on github and announce it there. Chaos builds may not be popular but folks may find what you did useful.

@jsapimp has posted the same 5 different threads.

Running firmware that's 6-7 years old, and long out of support, is a security risk.

Yeah sorry I should have been clear that this would be the first step in bringing his code up to date with Master