Netgear r8000 - OpenWrt questions

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to ask around if you had any success running OpenWRT on a Netgear r8000 ?
The factory firmware is not without problems and there is a truncated conversation on the old forum that kind-a says that LEDE is functioning but not perfect in the device.
I'm looking for someone who had any experience with the device.


I just installed it! However, there's no Wi-Fi, and wifi config returns nothing.

OK, thanks for the information!
However that is not really convincing.
I might have to stick to the original firmware :frowning:

In theory the r8000's wlan cards should be fully supported by brcmfmac - and I don't really have any reason to believe otherwise, but it's certainly not a very popular and common device for running OpenWrt, which means bugs might take a while to get reported and fixed.

The last trunk version (HEAD) work on R8000.
Which version did you deploy?

Chaos calmer runs good, problems with anything after that though.

It's long out of support.

You've posted this same thing in 5 different threads.

Running firmware that's 6-7 years old is a security risk.

Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 Downloads 2016 March r48532
Chaos Calmer 15.05 Downloads 2015 September r46767

It may be a security risk is some scenarios, not particularly on mine. I will take the risk, its either that or have a big ugly router with strong radios but no wifi, another switch. I posted in the other threads because they all end the same: no openwrt wireless support on the R8000. It seemed most were trying to get existing equip working. A wireless router with no wireless is not functioning. What are these security risks you speak of? I always hear buzz words security risks but no one ever elaborates on what they are.

I don't recall seeing anyone say "no support" is supported.

But due to the Broadcom chipset, it has very limited support.

Read the release notes from LEDE 17.01 on, and you'll see security issues that have been fixed...and not backported to Chaos Calmer.

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