Netgear R8000 - Openwrt cannot use EAP authentication

Hi I have a network at home with 3 VLANs (home usage/security for cameras, and guest), and have multiple APs all running OpenWRT. The system works great on a couple of TP-Link Archer 2600 (I have wpa2 eap with a pfSense radius for the accounts)
When I enable the same configuration on my Netgear R8000, I get the following de-authentication on my client

[224718.304509] wlan0: deauthenticating from xxxxxxx by local choice (Reason: 17=IE_DIFFERENT)

Looking at this error, I found this online: (

17 Information element in 4-Way Handshake different from (Re)Association Request/Probe
Response/Beacon frame

I tried with version 19 (latest one), and also with the RC4 of version 21

What am I doing wrong? Anything I can post online that can help diagnose what the problem might be?
Thanks a lot!

brcmfmac as used for the wireless of your router is a bit special… Yes, it is supported by OpenWrt, but as a fullmac driver, its capabilities are limited by what(ever) the firmware blob provided by Broadcom/ Cypress offers. Quite a few of the more advanced features will not be possible (e.g. 4addr), I wouldn't be surprised if IEEE 802.1x would be among those missing features.