Netgear R7900P support

Greetings all,
I am new to forum. after searching several hours on internet, I am finally seeking help through this forum.
I have Netgear nighthawk R7900p , which no longer goes online as WAN port no longer detects the signal. Possible surge damage. all radio and other functions are working.
Is it possible to use this router as client bridge? or repeater bridge?

My research says it has Broadcom chip
R7900P WLAN = Broadcom BCM4365E

according to a post from 2017 it is not supported. Is it stilll not supported?

If someone guides me in right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

@theteju, welcome to the community.

Actually, you can still use it as a rreouter too, just go to Network > Switch and reconfigure another port as WAN.

With that said, of course it can also be used as a repeater bridge... (EDIT: I'm unsure of the chip is supported, I assume the OP knows better than I.)

Client bridge on a Broadcom though, no.

I really appreciate your answer. However, I can not see such choice on the webadmin page!!

I mean to say,, I do not see such option to choose another port as WAN.
aka : Network > Switch ??

thanks again.

I understood. I hope you find it. Maybe providing a screenshot and a more in depth description of what you do not see might help?

(Because it sounds like you see the page described; but you donno what to do.)