Netgear r7800 with jffs2 (no ubi support )


I'm try to build a new LEDE factory and sysupgrade image without ubifs.
i want that the fs mtd partition will be jffs2 so i can r/w the partition with no ubi abstraction.

As fare as i understand at early version of LEDE there was no UBI abstraction and later is was adding to the LEDE.

My thought to approaching the problem is to cancel all UBI support according the make files etc..
To do that I'll need to follow all ubi mention in the code , and look for appropriate commits.

But is there a simple way to build the image without ubi , s there an easier way?

any thought abut making the image without UBI abstraction is more then welcome.

I wonder what you want to achieve with it.
What do you want to do or why do you want to give up UBI?

I can't imagine why anyone would want give up write leveling and bad block handling.

Nand flash is much more prone to errors than the good old nor flash.

It's a good question, UBI is indeed help with war leveling.
However i'm try to build a new fs with war leveling and notification about bad block. also writing to the flash from kernel.
it's en experimental only.
There for i want to switch to the jffs2 first, but it's seem more complicated then i thought.
In some place i can see an ubinize ini file and in r7800 not.
and i'm not sure how mach effort it'll take me for this switch of FS

JFFS2 images are no longer supported - and they have never been supported for NAND based devices like the r7800.