Netgear R7800 vs Linksys MR8300

Damn where you people find so cheap devices! Seems we are in a limbo here in DE/AT :frowning: . So if I get it, I should be aiming for ipq8065 devices? Just a dumb question.. does all devices that have this CPU have the same "support" or other things change?

Lot's of patience and persistence (and many lost opportunities as well), I was looking 1.5 years for a 'spare' ipq806x device (and was rather open to anything, for the right price).

I would certainly prefer ipq8065 over ipq8064, although that doesn't imply ipq8064 would be 'bad' looking at it in isolation (if the pricing works out).

There are two/ two-and-a-half layers to this question:

  • same SOC, same performance and at least the same potential for the same features
    • there are still quality differences between vendors, some vendors intentionally crippling the serial console (making debugging harder) and the rf components aren't necessarily of the same quality (range)
  • the more common a device is among OpenWrt users, the more likely are issues noticed/ reported and fixed, for more exotic devices you might end up being the first to notice (and having to provide a fix as well) - but exotic/ EOLed devices are more likely to become a bargain (e.g. g10, tew-827dru v1, etc.)

If you want to be on the safe side, the r7800 is quite at the top - the rt3200 offers more potential, but might still face quirks here and there.

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