Netgear R7800 - Setting up Wifi on specific VLANs (Latest Snapshot)

Hi all,

I've got all the VLANs working perfectly. I have a managed switched that is trunked to the Netgear R7800. Works great. Better than EdgeRouter lite. :slight_smile:

Problem I have is that I am unable to use the defined VLANs on the router to put the either of the two Wifi interfaces to any VLAN30, etc. The only way I have it kinda working is a very messy, i.e. I have defined two Interfaces with two distinct networks, and, and tied each to the SSIDs on the Wireless side with option 6 on the DHCP Servers so I can define a DNS server. On the Wireless side I've just selected the VLAN30 (that doesn't apply the VLAN30 subnet, but I got tired and left it since it doesn't make a difference, the IPs allocated from the 192.168.10x.x/24 segment anyway...)

How would one do this properly on the Snapshot builds as I have noticed things have changed a bit on the LuCi side.

Thanks for a brilliant OSS project!