Netgear r7800 replacement antenna

Can anyone shed light on a set of replacement antenna's for the Netgear nighthawk x4s (r7800)?

I just got a great deal online for a unit, but it arrived without power cable or antenna (making a complaint to the site). I would return it, but the price is still great if I can get replacement parts.

I don't know anything about antenna design etc. so not sure what I have to make sure matches so that they'll work with the R7800.

So - does anyone know where to get a set of replacement antenna's or what specs I need to make sure to look for?


Follow up... as said earlier, missing the power adapter too - so if anyone knows a place to pickup both please let me know - otherwise I am returning this (have 48 hours to return - and since I can't test it, not going to chance its DOA if I can't get replacements before then).

Don't know how much you paid, but power adapter is kind of generic 12V, 3.5A, 2.5A should suffice if you don't connect USB&eSATA. Pin diameter, 2.1mm

Plug polarity. There are two terminals in the jack which plugs into your product, postive and negative. The positive terminal “+” is the middle, inside one. The negative terminal “-“ is on the outside.

For the antennas I would choose four generic omni directional 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band RP-SMA, selected by price/ dBi

Regarding your tight time requirement ....local dealer, private or express from china ;- )

Yeah I got the main unit for $35... so if I can get the antenna and power for not to much, its still a deal! Do you have an idea what dBi to look for?

I read somewhere that going to a higher rating doesn't always improve and can actually cause them to interfere with each other. and your apartment/building size 5dBi min. if they are cheap, standard 7dbi I guess but can be wrong

I got a hold of the seller and they apologized and said they would send the missing parts... So hopefully I don't need to find replacements... we'll see what happens.

Thanks again for the replies Doppel-D.

If it falls through, I think I have a spare set of 7800 antennas.

Yep, it fell through. Reporting the seller, but in the meantime...
Message sent about the antenna...
Now I just have to find a compatible PSU.
The one from my old router has the right v/a, but the barrel connector is wrong - darn.


Hello - I just read your post about the R7800 antenna. I broke antenna #2. Were you able to get a replacement? I am confused about the two #1, one #2 and one #3 labeling. What would you recommend that I do if I broke antenna #2? Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately I found that the unit does not power on. So I have not even gotten to the antenna issue yet. From what I have read though, the antenna's are all functionally the same. I believe the only reason for the numbering was that they were manufactured with different rotating axis (however you want to say it). So they were physically slightly different so that putting them in the correct number allowed for them to be adjusted the best.

I could be completely wrong - but that was my understanding. Functionally they are all the same.

Good Luck!

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