Netgear R7800: Question on getting started

Hi all. I just bought a new-to-me R7800. I seem to be stuck getting started.

I plug the unit into my internal network, power up; I can see it DHCP for an address, but I can't ping it or connect to its web interface.

I've been RTFMing; tried various combinations of long reset with or without power cycling, to no effect: all I ever get is the DHCP at boot time, and no sign of life on the network after that.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong, but I haven't figured it out yet. Hints?

Thanks in advance.

Lan / Wlan same? How is you general network setup ISP Modem/Router, PPOE?

Your upstream network wouldn't happen to be, is it?

Sorry, should have supplied more data

My home network uses a nest of linux boxen, one of which has multiple interfaces, and acts as my firewall/bastion/router to the big-I internet. Behind that firewall, I have a wired subnet and several wireless subnets. My wired internal network is There are several old wrt-54 boxes serving as wireless routers for the wireless nets. Each of their WAN interfaces plugs into the wired net, and they run their own DHCP servers for their wireless segments, eg one of them will have a WAN address at, and LAN addresses at

I'm replacing one of those old wrt-54s with the R7800, and want to use it the same way; WAN plugged into my wired internal network, supporting its own wireless subnet.

I'm guessing that this newer box likely isn't going to let me admin it by plugging in the WAN port, I'll need to plug into a LAN port. Right track?

Don't guess. See:

Thanks lleachii, I'm rolling now.

I actually had already read those two pages, and a bunch more. The key bit that I was missing was that I needed to not use the WAN port, but one of the LAN ports instead.

My I suggest a tweak to the doc? In ? Perhaps under "Flash the firmware", s/Connect to the device via Ethernet cable/Connect to the device via Ethernet cable using one of the LAN ports/. Had I seen that when I started, it would have saved me some time, and y'all a newbie question.

Thanks. Onward . . .


I'm totally unaware on how you'd access access it that way, since is a Private LAN address. Perhaps it is was a very n00b question.


Glad you got it working.

What does this have to do with accessing the system configs on web GUI?