Netgear R7800 - How to unlock WiFi region selector in stock firmware

The reason for this tutorial is because when you buy a Netgear router on, the router comes in the US variant with the WiFi region locked on "United States" and it is not possible to change it. For example if you need to use the channels 12 and 13, or if you live outside the United States and the WiFi power regulations are different.

step-by-step to unlock the WiFi region selector:

1. Go to:

2. Check "Enable telnet" option:

3. In the telnet terminal, type the following command: artmtd -w region WW
Note: WW means "World Wide"
The result is like this:


Other options for this command:

0x001 is for region NA
0x002 is for region WW
0x003 is for region GR
0x004 is for region PR
0x005 is for region RU
0x006 is for region BZ
0x007 is for region IN
0x008 is for region KO
0x009 is for region JP
0x000A is for region AU
0x000B is for region CA
0x000C is for region US

4. Reboot router
The final result is this:


I hope this tutorial is helpful.
I will be attentive to any questions.

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???? Totally ot?

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Hello @andresf484, and many thanks for your tutorial.

I bought a Netgear RAX200, and the region locket on United States.

I tempted to change it with your tuto but i don't see the option to "enable Telnet"

Have you any idea or solution please?


hello andresf484
I just got a netgear r6250 and it was bought in north America and I want to unlock it's region.
I managed to log in to it's telnet. but how to go on from there. I want to type the region change command. but I don't know how to get in to it. all the commands I type are wrong.
I use the firmware from, netgear not openwrt.
I'm new to all this.

hello @shemeshrelly

  • Please try to paste the following command and then press enter:

artmtd -w region WW

  • Finally, restart the router.

I remain attentive to the result of this procedure

i'm not sure why this info are so important on openwrt forum

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Hi andresf484
Thank you, eventually I used the BURNSKU command and it solved my problem entirely.
Thank you.

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