Netgear R7800 Gigabit Speed?

Hi all: Newbie here. Not a network expert. As you might know, the R7800 cannot handle 1 Gb (symmetric) fiber speeds with the current firmware. I have done everything like disabling: QOS, Traffic Meter, etc. Still, the max download speed is 550 Mbps. Several people on the R7800 forum suggested using an alternative firmware that allows use of a configurable NAT Acceleration (or Cut Through Forwarding). Can the LEDE firmware address this issue? Does one need to be a Linux expert? I am not. Are there easy to follow installation instructions? I am currently using the Centurylink 1100Z modem/router as a bridge and my 7800 as the router. Looking to eliminate the 1100Z.

Anyway, thanks for any input and suggestions.

Happy New Year!

Known problem with LEDE. No solution is available. If you need gigabit, stock firmware is probably your best bet.

Nothing you described would help...except customizing/patching the LEDE firmware with the fixes you described.

There is one thing, but your ISP would have to assist:

  • Disable NAT
  • Obtain static IPs from the ISP for all devices (this is unlikely)
  • assign the public IPs to your local machines

This way, no NAT is taking place...

I receive ~300 Mbps via NAT, QoS, raw tables, etc...and ~775+ Mbps with no NAT.

Speaking of which @dissent1 how's the speed with kernel 4.14?

No idea, i have no wired devices connected :slight_smile:
You can test it, just apply those 2 commits and build as usual. I've noticed no errors in bootlog.