Netgear R7800 exploration (IPQ8065, QCA9984)

Nope, that's not cable issue.

Describe here:

This issue still exist on master branch.

+1 one for that one.
That would totally explain every single issue I have with my TP-Link C2600 (IPQ8084) and my 250/20 Mb connection. I've been asking about this a few times on the forum and I never came close to even narrowing down this issue.

Please keep in mind that this problem (the performance one) has been raised in this thread a few times and around this forum many times more. They've just been disregarded and never linked together. Saying it's an issue with bad cable is just wrong.

2 new commits for testing

The second one may have also a positive effect in our case, not only when using qca ssdk.

Update: updated the 1st link with PR. No difference code wise, adjusted the description and refreshed the patch.

Building these now and will let you know the results after I get it deployed.

Does anyone have a link to the most recent stable Hnyman build? Wanted to check out Lede on my new r7800 and see how it runs. Thanks.

Both master and 17.01 builds have been stable for me. Currently running master r5486 myself.

Links to the download site are in that community build thread's first message.

Is it possible to use the pcie-0071 fix with the latest snapshot? I was able to use the fast-classifier and shortcut-fe just fine but the pcie-0071 patch asks me which file to patch. Wired speeds seem fine but wifi not so much.


What kind of wifi speeds are you getting? I'm curious because I also have a gigabit connection.

@dissent1 does the wifi patch will be pushed to the trunk? it solve all this problem so why not?

@Ansuel it's in nbd's staging tree. Just wait.

just asking as my friend can't compile an image and have some problem with package and custom build...

A newer qca9984 firmware available

If anyone interested in taking part in porting ipq806x onto k4.14, here are initial commits
@luaraneda has started doing and did great initial job, his device on ipq4019 boots correctly.
I've ported all ipq8064/5 patches (updated after @luaraneda and added missing ones).
ATM it compiles ok, but on ipq8064/5 enters a boot loop.


i'm working on the opp patch? did you port them?

Yes, pcie, clk, cpufreq, opp, scm. I've merged those changes into the commit that I've posted above.

So what are the patch that make compilation error?

It compiles ok but causes a boot loop. Need an uart bootlog.

If someone wants to test performance difference in their environment here are 2 patches related to L2 cache freq management

update: nvm about 2nd patch (deleted), I've missed one function in the driver so it's ok.

Hi guys, I have a query, I have been downloading the images in development for several days to solve the problems of the wifi, although it seems that the patches are still applied to the problems in the 5GHZ band. Does anyone know how it goes? only the version works well @hnyman. Thank you

what do you mean? what problem with 5ghz?