Netgear R7800 defconfig using ath10k-ct

As FYI. It seems that in the past 4 days or so that 'make defconfig' for Netgear R7800 has been changed to use the ath10k-ct driver by default, which makes wireless perform like utter garbage in my trunk builds (at least on my R7800). Not sure if this was an intended change or not.

Changing config back to use the normal ath10k driver restores the usual stellar performance.

Not sure how I overlooked this...;a=commit;h=61b5b4971e7d6aab6b0695997c3b5aaf73c53b5f

I find this change quite strange as you're more or less required to provide test results and documentation on why change X should be made which isn't stated anywhere as far as I can tell. I guess it depends on who's committing...

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Same here for my Zyxel NBG6817. Less performance and it feels like unstable. If I look into Luci I can see Signal/Noise is flipping arround like hell compared to stock driver. For me it looks like that there a kind of powermanagement activated. I don't know. Anyway ...
I have reverted this change. You can do this for your device too.

diff --git a/target/linux/ipq806x/Makefile b/target/linux/ipq806x/Makefile
index 178bf97915..13be76e7ba 100644
--- a/target/linux/ipq806x/Makefile
+++ b/target/linux/ipq806x/Makefile
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ DEFAULT_PACKAGES +=
kmod-ata-core kmod-ata-ahci kmod-ata-ahci-platform
kmod-usb-core kmod-usb-ohci kmod-usb2 kmod-usb-ledtrig-usbport
kmod-usb3 kmod-usb-dwc3-of-simple kmod-usb-phy-qcom-dwc3
. - kmod-ath10k-ct wpad-mini
. + kmod-ath10k wpad-mini

$(eval $(call BuildTarget))
diff --git a/target/linux/ipq806x/image/Makefile b/target/linux/ipq806x/image/Makefile
index b82d54b0f6..c864ebd521 100644
--- a/target/linux/ipq806x/image/Makefile
+++ b/target/linux/ipq806x/image/Makefile
@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ define Device/zyxel_nbg6817
RAS_VERSION := "V1.99(OWRT.9999)C0"
. - DEVICE_PACKAGES := ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct e2fsprogs kmod-fs-ext4 losetup
. + DEVICE_PACKAGES := ath10k-firmware-qca9984 e2fsprogs kmod-fs-ext4 losetup
$(call Device/ZyXELImage)
TARGET_DEVICES += zyxel_nbg6817
diff --git a/target/linux/ipq806x/profiles/ b/target/linux/ipq806x/profiles/
index ce746c608e..9baa24fa95 100644
--- a/target/linux/ipq806x/profiles/
+++ b/target/linux/ipq806x/profiles/
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
define Profile/Default
NAME:=Default Profile
. - PACKAGES:=ath10k-firmware-qca99x0-ct ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct
. + PACKAGES:=ath10k-firmware-qca99x0 ath10k-firmware-qca988x ath10k-firmware-qca9984

define Profile/Default/Description

Maybe it's usefull. I think it would be a good idea to announce such (imo) far-reaching changes. Especially if developers want to collect informations ...

I have to mention that if I did this build I simply made a defconfig. I was not aware of this change. I realized this first after 1st reboot.