Netgear R7800 AP + STA setup is broken suddenly

Hello everyone,

I am new to OpenWrt. I have a Netgear AC2600 WiFi Router (R7800).

I flashed "openwrt-19.07.7" approximately one month ago.

I use this router as a Wireless Extender (creating a separate network).

The setup is as follows:

  • R7800 is connected to a 5GHz Wireless network as Client.
  • It also creates a different 5GHz Wireless network as Master.
  • 2.4GHz wireless is disabled completely.
  • I also have a Raspberry Pi 4 which is connected to R7800 with an ethernet cable.

This setup was working for approximately one month.

However, it stopped working this morning suddenly.

It connects to the 5GHz wireless network as a client without a problem. However, it does not create its own wireless network anymore.

I connected to the router via ssh and checked the logs and I saw that it gives the following:

openwrt hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters

I tried to reflash the stock firmware then the openwrt-19.07.7 image via TFTP, but nothing changed.

I cannot use the router in AP and STA mode at the same time anymore.

Is there anyone who experienced this before or can help with this issue?

Thank you for your time and interest.