Netgear R7800 and WOL

Hi everybody.

I have the openWrt Firmware and upgrade installed in my Netgear R7800 without any problems.
In fact i do that to have the opportunity to have the option Wake on Lan in my R7800.
But i can't find any option WOL in the configuration Panel.
Isn't no possibillity to have WOL with the R7800 ???
(I'm a big Newbie)

Thanks a lot

What do you want to do with WOL? From where, as well.

You are probably looking for luci-app-wol, which is an optional package and is not preinstalled by default.

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With WOL, i would like to be able to wake up a closed computer with "magics packets" in remote access on my R7800

Thanks for your attention, sorry, i'm a newbie, can you explain your answer please ?

Thank a lot

He meant that you should use the opkg package manager to install the additional package luci-app-wol that installs the the LuCI interface for wol functionality and (also the underlying etherwake package).

opkg update
opkg install luci-app-wol

Or the same from LuCI's software page.

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