Netgear R6900v2 drops connections


I have R6900v2 with openwrt 21.02.1 r16325-88151b8303. The wifi settings are as Apple recommends. Despite that, our Apple devices frequently lose their wifi connection, despite being near (within 10m) of the router and having a decent signal strength.

(Sidenote: FWIW I can't seem to connect to the router with r8188eu or bcm43228 devices from my linux box at all. On the rare occasions these devices associate, dhclient fails to get an address.)

I would appreciate any suggestions for troubleshooting the dropped connections.

Thanks for any pointers. I would also be willing to use a different router if I could be relatively sure it would work better.

This was actually easy to work around. I'd been using the 2.4GHz frequency radio0. Maybe the settings weren't quite right. In any case, by enabling the 5GHz radio1 with WPA2-PSK, AC mode and 80MHz width, I connected readily with two of the devices that previously had problems.

Thank you

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