Netgear R6900P V2 only allows .chk file not img

Hi folks I am brand new to this and I am wanting to convert my Netgear R6900P v2 router into OpenWrt. It seemed to me from the device info [OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: NETGEAR R6900 v2 that this was a supported model and should be a simple process of just installing the firmware via the web admin console of the factory image as found here. OpenWrt Firmware Selector Unfortunatly it seems that uploading firmeware in the administration of the web console only allows .chk file uploads. Is there any way around this as there is only .bin and .img files from the downloads and I I couldn't find examples of other people having this problem or what they would do about it when the encounter the issue. Thanks.

Did you try renaming the file? An extension is but an extension... Unlike Windows, OpenWrt/Linux cares about the header of the file, not the extension. Give it a shot.

I had not and it seemed that wasn't advisable. I did just attempt that and the upload fails with it saying the file is in the wrong format even when renaming the extension to it's required .chk.

Are you sure you have a R6900 V2? If it's asking for a .chk file it is probably a V1, which is not supported. .chk files are a Broadcom thing.

Also R6900P may be entirely different from R6900.

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I am not it seems to be tangled web for this model

A P can indeed be worlds apart from a non P model. I overlooked that.

The sticker at the bottom of your device should show the make and model clearly.