NETGEAR R6700v2 won't get mac info from factory partition

I just installed the latest trunk snapshot to try on my Netgear R6700v2, MT7621 / MT7615e. But I noticed it won't get eth and phy MAC addresses nor radio data from factory partition. But the radio works, with output power, limited to 6db. I made a little research and nobody posted anything about this, maybe because it's very recent since OpenWRT released the firmware for this specific device.
Also, I never needed to ask for help before, because I always found answers to my specific problems here, without needed to ask. That said, I don't know how to treat this: as one of those problems that happen only with me or maybe something is actually wrong and I can help to fix it.


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The flash chip in your router likely has bad blocks. On the stock firmware the partitions are shifted around to compensate for bad blocks present at manufacturing time. But OpenWrt does not do this at the moment and uses fixed partition offsets instead.

I recently sent a patch to the mailing list that adds support for the partition table, but it still needs testing. Can you compile an image with that patch to check whether that fixes your issue?


That would be exactly the issue! Bad blocks. I tought when I correct them with sc_nand tool, they was really corrected, not bypassed. I'm gonna give a try with the patch, and I'll tell you the results. Thanks for the reply. And I´m sorry about the delay, I was in a little quarentined vacation with my family! LoL

I think what you cited is specific to Linksys devices. On my WAC124, the factory partition contains the correct MAC address for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio. That is likely no different for other Netgear/Sercomm devices.

Did you get around to try the patch?