Netgear R6700v2 supported in snapshot, can we expect R6700v3 to be supported alongside?

Hello everyone!
I really want to use OpenWRT on my R6700v3 and seems like R6700v2 is supported in the snapshot, does that mean we can expect R6700v3 to be supported alongside it when the stable version releases?

Not at all. v2 and v3 are completely different animals.

Thanks for the quick reply!
That’s a bummer, seems like the CPU isn’t even the same so it doesn’t even give me an estimate as to when I’d be able to use OpenWRT.
Well, I hope v3 will be supported eventually and then I’ll become a user of it :slight_smile:
In the meanwhile, I’m happy for the v2 users who are going to make use of this awesome firmware.

It's a Broadcom platform, you're better off looking elsewhere if you really want OpenWrt support.

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