Netgear R6700v2 support

Hello, I own a Netgear R6700v2 and I've been searching how to install Openwrt into it.
I've found a pull request in the official github claiming that "The unit is fully operational including both radios, switch and wan port". But it looks like these changes never made it to the master branch, as there is no image in the ramips mt7621 download section
Could anybody please tell me what happened? and How can I install openwrt in this device? Thank you.

As the author of the PR stated in the request you linked to, he created a new PR.

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Not to sound stupid...what does that mean for us end users? How can we acquire this firmware? I've waited so long for this if it's true. Looks like the PR you linked to has gone stale, does that mean it hasn't been approved and submitted? Boo.

It means there's preliminary support, but no images. If you don't mind building yourself, however (it's documented in the wiki), you can produce an image to flash your router with.

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