Netgear R6700 V3 not in hardware list

I own a Netgear R6700v3, but it is not included in the openwrt table of hardware. Any suggestions to be able to run openwrt on this device? V2 is in the list, but I do not know what changes were made between the hardware versions. Do I need to figure out different hardware that is already approved?

and it won't be Netgear R6700v2 supported in snapshot, can we expect R6700v3 to be supported alongside?

that would be the smartest move ...

Rather unfortunate. Thanks for the help.

As a suggestion, if you don't want to replace the unit, then Fresh Tomato is a very good firmware for it. Very user friendly and performant. It also can be made to use OpenWrt packages through the excellent Entware project, which takes most of the OpenWrt packages and its package manager and bundles it up so it can be used off a USB drive plugged into your device.

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