Netgear R6350, recent nmrpflash install, mac address

First time working with OpenWrt

Motivation - stock firmware available from NG seem to no longer support offline configuration without router being plugged into modem (firmware present on device when I received it did, but... gone now, no version tried from NG site seemed to work for me.)

As I was unable to try installing via netgear UI due to issues there, took a chance and
Was able to install image
to netgear R6350 using nmrpflash
(The R6350 installation via nmrpflash is not currently mentioned at either of


Haven't actually used the device yet, but I can at least get into the config UI.

Now up against much lack of OpenWrt knowledge and the apparent lack of that build easily specifying MAC over-ride (via UI) which I think is needed to swap in this router for access to my current ISP.

Network--Interfaces, click the Edit button next to WAN, click Advanced Settings tab, look near the bottom.

Excellent, thanks I see it now.
However, even with entering an address, getting config saved, and restarting the WAN component, the WAN status box after restart is not displaying the over-ride MAC address but I think whatever it would normally use.

Anywhere in the UI to see that the WAN is actually using the over-ride MAC, as opposed to just seeing that it is configured with an over-ride MAC (leaving and returning to the WAN advanced tab where it is configured does show what I have entered) ?


seems to me like override MAC address, configured via luci, may not be functional prior to builds on/after march 2021... ?