Netgear R6350: max power for 5GHz lower after upgrading to 21.02 RC1

In my opinion it doesn't make any sense to keep the reserved partitions like that, and it would make sense to either remove them or replacing them by the individual partitions. Personally, I would rather add the full partition table, as that keeps the possibility to access the entire flash (for example if one wants to create a backup of all partitions).

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Is there any chance this patch will make into the official builds?
@Borromini 's build is the only lucky one that makes my 6350 work, any suggestions?
Thank you.

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Dear Experts,
I am facing an issue with 5Ghz signal very weak and connection dropping every now and then.
Please advice, my device is on 22.03.2 release.

I also have limitation 6dbm on 5GHz WiFi and 2.4GHz, it allows to set 30dbm (1000mw). I am using firmware 22.03.2 and device is R6350. The radio calibration data locates at 0x28000.

I built the 22.03.2 firmware and it fixed the WiFi problems. I set 2.4 pointed to 0x20000 and 5.0 to 0x28000. Hopefully the official firmware will be fixed so I don't need to rebuild again.

Hi, thanks for the update. What happens if this range gets marked as bad blocks?

Then it won't work. I only built for my router based on the address.