Netgear R6350 flash instruction for led indicators

I don't have permission to edit the r6350 page directly, so I am leaving my words here.

I am writing down my experience in recovering/updating Netgear R6350 with three antennas via nmrpflash.

Doing the R6350 flash works, I encountered so many instructions which were related to R7000.
R7000 has two colors in their led, orange and white. And the flash option is to press reset button when powering on.
But for R6350, there is no led indicator about the flash state nor there is need to press the button.
All you have to do is to press the power-on button ONLY, and run command immediately.
Then the nmrpflash does all the work alone.

Necessary software:
npcap: (required dll-s to run nmrpflash)

Set static IP - / 255- /

Running command:

nmrpflash -L (find out netxx for your network card)
nmrpflash -i netxx -f R6350-(firmware).img

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Thx for the info.