Netgear R6350 Firmware

I have a Netgear R6350 and curious if new firmware is in development or will the R6300 version work?


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Lucky1. I installed the firmware and while it does work it appears to be flaky. When making changes over wifi the save command sometimes hangs or fails. Ive tried this with different devices, and browsers and doesnt matter with wireless changes hang. When making changes it works best when connected directly with a patch cable. The wireless transmit power is also weaker than stock. The data throughput is weak.

I don't have a R6350 tho I do have a R6220 & dlink devices with MT7615N radios
the MT7615N driver is still young it's got a lot better over the last 6 months
last time I looked the version in V19 was old as well
the version in Master & V21.02 was much better
you could try the very beta V21.02

I want to try and reload the stock OEM firmware back onto it. I read somewhere its not possible as will cause an infinite boot loop. Is it possible to do?

According to Lucky1's posted link,
You can give nmrpflash a try.

Another user r1m2, recently made use of nmrpflash successfully, so you can ask r1m2 for detailed questions before attempting.