Netgear R6260 speed problems

Hello, I've installed yesterday's snapshot and today's snapshot (r14473-0b82ebaccb) on netgear R6260 and it's up &running BUT the speed is ridicolous
While on my fellow tplink archer c7 v5 with the same (few) config i get 60/20.....
There is someone with R6260 working? Or maybe there is some sort of bug?

Is this speed-test over wifi or lan?
If wifi, is it with the 5GHz or 2.4GHz? Which client do you use?

Hello, the test is via wifi, 2.4ghz because 5ghz seems with out signal. The client is my home PC on Linux with firefox. From the same point i usually get >=35Mbps in download and >=15Mbps in upload with different openwrt routers. Btw as i wrote i noticed 5ghz signal doesnt came up, so its only 2.4ghz.

i have installed an older version of snapshot (around july) and had the same issues.
5GHz Wifi is not comming up on startup and 2.4GHz is working but very often the performance gets very poor.
I think the driver for the Wifi is not ready for production.
I disabled Wifi completely on the Netgear r6260 because i use for wifi access a bunch of netgear orbis.

strange, i have the same device, i know it's not the top , but i get around 25 down and 10 upload, are you sure the devices are not too far from each other.
this device does not have a great range.

Thank you i will return it then, but should be updated the online compatibility table then.

I'm sure yes, I've tryed plenty of routers from here and btw also the 5ghz doesnt get up...