Netgear R6260 build process fails

Hello, I'm attempting to build a firmware image for a Netgear R6260 router. I use a Linux Mint 20.1 VM as my build VM, and it gets assigned 8GB of RAM along with plenty of storage for the sources. It ended up failing after about an hour, give or take? into the build process. The link to the logs of the most recent failure I encountered are at this link: and that leads directly to a 7z archive containing both stdout and stderr from the build thread. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I noticed it had a years-old dependency on something that dates from pre-Ubuntu 16.04 days, and said dependency would break my entire system if installed. It didn't seem to be tied to anything important as it was Java-related.

As a suggestion, use something like,,, etc. Putting them in a zip file on Google drive will reduce those who are willing to view your logs.

I won't install Google's ZipExtractor extension so I can read it, for example.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have uploaded the entire contents of both files to, output.txt and errors.txt are the stdout and stderr of the build thread respectively. One ended up being greater than 8MB and as a result it took some time to get it copied when I received your reply as my phone cannot store over 1MB in its clipboard efficiently.

I'm not sure why you're opening a new topic since this seems just a continuation of your previous one? Also, what are you doing that you end up with such huge build logs? Your debugging command should be:

make -j1 V=s

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You are correct that it is a continuation, but there had been zero responses on it for some time. The reason the build logs are that large is because I did in fact use make -j1 V=s, and stdout gave me over 8M of output during the hour-plus that it was successfully building artifacts.

After running as root the last time you did wipe your buildroot and start from scratch, right?

If so, do a make with the amount of cores you have, once that breaks, run a make -j1 V=s so you'll only collect what still needs building and what breaks. Then share that. That log should be a lot smaller. It also helps if you grep for errors yourself (don't filter the make log though, share that in its entirety).


Yes, I did rebuild the buildroot as I had to wipe and redo everything from scratch including the VM itself. I'll give it a go with your suggestions and update the status depending on how this goes. I greatly appreciate the feedback!

In terms of handling these outputs...I don't think we need the entire thing...

the last 1000 lines is sufficient

edit: second on what @Borromini said: get verbose output after the first build attempt, not with the first build attempt

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As long as they use - j1 specifically, the error should be in the last 20-50 lines, but, we know how that goes :blush::wink::+1:

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I'm getting the build environment up and running now, my whole host PC crashed during the build and so I have to redownload the whole buildroot and try again. Once it fails, I'll grab the last bit of output from stdout and stderr of make -j1 V=s. This may take some time, as my PC only operates with 4 cores total at 4.2 GHz. It's an older system.

Hello everyone who reads this forum, I have gotten the build process to successfully complete. I am not 100% sure what I did correctly but I can build an OpenWrt firmware image for my router. I appreciate all the feedback that was given!


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