Netgear r6220 - wifi low speed, no internet connection on wifi

Hi, I've flashed openWRT to Netgear r6220. With the newest version of OpenWrt 22.03.3 I can't connect with my mobile, Yoga 11e WIN10 connecting a long time, longer than different AP (Meraki MR16 or tp-link 1043wd v2), sometimes it takes maybe 60-90sec.
But the best part is that, the cable connection is fine. Everything is working fine, I can browse pages in Internet, but I can't update the openWRT. I get failed to connection.... It looks like the router doesn't have a correct DNS or gateway, but LAN connection is working fine. This problems are presents 22.03.2 and 22.03.3 OpenWRT.
The second issue is the wlan speed. It is very slow.
I messured it with LibreSpeed in Docker. My Yoga have Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9260 160MHz, it connect to r6220 AP with 300/300, but after speed test I get only 40-50Mbps download and about 200Mb Upload.
On stock firmware the same test is 190 DW and 210 UP.
I check a few version with the same problems, even I took another Netgear R6220, without possitive result. the wifi speed is very slow.

I check with openwrt version:

The second issue is present on all versions I've ckecked (slow speed download).
First issue is not present on 21.02.5 and 19.07.9, so mobile and Yoga can connect to AP in a part of seconds.

Now on the second router Netgear r6220 I have flashed r20028-43d71ad93e and
the best thing is that, when I connect to wifi with my Yoga (mobile Xiaomi cann't connect) it takes a long time, when the laptop connect to wifi I have no internet connection, only my LAN is working, but when I plug a LAN cable, the Internet is working fine.

I used router as Dumb AP with switch. (WAN is not connected).
I've posted this on github as a bug.

OpenWrt version


OpenWrt target/subtarget



Netgear R6220

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Official downloaded image

When you go under Network->Wireless and edit your wireless device on your netgear AP, do you have your Network configured correctly (pic related)? It happened to me that I didn't have it set and I had that same problem.

Yes, that is configured correctly, I have checked this a few times.

The best thing is, the problem with speed is present with a few older version from 19.07.9 of openWRT, but the connection issue only the newest.

I don't know much else, this was my only shot, sorry I can't help you further. I hope you resolve this issue.

Thx, for your help.

"Wifi Lost" issues are well known for the Netgear r6220 and some fixes have been proposed, but have not reached upstream linux kernel yet and also have not made it into main OpenWRT master snapshot either. See here:

"Wifi lost" yes sometimes the radio is not correctly detect. But in my case the speed is problem too.
I bought three r6220 from second hand, on all of them, no matter which version firmware I've flashed, the speed is horrible low.
Only on stock ROM I get full speed 2.4GHz radio.

If we are talking about speeds and your clients directly connect to the router (without repeaters or extenders in between), then following speeds are advertised:

I assume 300 Mbits / sec are only possible, if bandwidth is 40 MHz, so check if that option is enabled. Be aware, if channels are contested by other wifi networks in the area (e.g. your neighbours wifi is at channel 6 and your own wifi is also at channel 6), OpenWRT automatically lowers it to 20 MHz. You can check this with "wifianalyzer" or by temporarily enabling the option "force 40 MHz".

I assume the 866 Mbits / sec are only achievable if you use 80 MHz bandwidth on the 5G band.

These are nominal values. Actual tx (sent) and rx (received) values may differ, as factors like distance, walls, interference with objects in the vicinity or radio waves may negatively affect throughput and latency.

  1. It is enabled, and the chanel width is 40MHz too. I have only my wifi from another AP (Meraki mr16 with openwrt), so I choose the free chanel (Meraki AP is on 1 chanel, the r6220 is on 13) so I think there is no wifi interferation. My Yoga connect to AP with 300/300 speed.
  2. After speed test I get (even my Yoga is connect 300/300) 30-40 MBps dw and about 200 MB up.
    The 5GHz I think is working fine if we take a speed question, because, my Yoga connect to AP with 866/866, and the speed test is about 450/450 MB (sometimes more, sometimes less) but it is mostly identical speed like stock OEM on 5GHz.

The speed problem is on 2.4GHz.

I configured it like my old Meraki, and TP-LINK 1043nd.
On both my YOGA gets more than 50 MB dw speed.

to make it clear:
I test the speed with my yoga 11e. the distance between AP and yoga is about 1-2m, no walls, only fresh air :wink:

Further things i would try:

  • play around with software flow offload and hardware flow offload
  • disable any fancy VLAN, firewall, roaming configurations and other "exquisite" additional packages.
  • try channel 11 instead of channel 13
  • play around with mt76 driver settings

Sorry, I cannot help you further. This is above my knowledge. If playing around with settings does not help, maybe it is a driver/firmware problem. Many people seem to have reported problems with this device, so maybe actually having a look at the code is necessary.

Edit: Maybe content of /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless/ can bring a little bit more to light, but i think you mostly have given all relevant info already.

If I correctly understand dump AP (no WAN connection, only cable plugged into LAN) the software and hardware flow offload doesn't work, because NAT is not working.
I stopped the dnsmasq, odhcpd and the firewall on startup. No possitive result.

I should compile openWRT myself ? hmmm that a good idea, but first I must take a knowledge how to do that. :wink:

I think the speed problem is between AP - some clients. The drivers are not compatybility. I discover that, the speed problem is with Lenovo Yoga 11e with Intel wifi cards, but old HP with old Atheros wifi card on speed test get 115/115 MBps (meausered).
Lenovo only 50/215MBps (measured).