Netgear R6220 - Wi-Fi Download speed is slower than expected

I'm using Netgear R6220 with OpenWRT (22.03.3). I experienced problems with Wi-Fi where download is "low" - instead of 300+ Mbit/s on stock firmware, download speed with OpenWRT is 180-230 Mbit/s. Wired connection works good and I have my 900/300 internet speed. I'm around 0.5 meter from router testing on iPhone 12 with Speedtest app.

My configuration:

Set channel to 36. Lower the power transmit to 20 dBm (25 is atrociously high). Perform transfer test from a computer connected to LAN. Use another computer with AC wifi on the other hand.
I can achieve 40 to 45 MB/s in such case, which is honorable. You should have the same.

I did that, but it's still doesn't resolve my problem (I got 20-30 Mb/s improvement)... Is there any way to improve that even further?

Also my upload speed is higher (sometimes 50-60 Mb/s) than download... And I don't really understand why

Forget about "downloading" something, there are many parameters involved: the server, the transport, routing, wifi. In order to separate, perform transfer from LAN only (no routing, transport). so from a wired computer to a wifi laptop. Are you sure that your laptop connect with AC (wifi5) capabilities?
Another possibility is to reset the wifi config

rm -r /etc/config/wireless
wifi config

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