[NetGear R6220] - Upgrade 19.07.5 to 19.07.7


It´s better to considerate " [mt7621-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin] or [r6220-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin] ??

In a tentative of upgrade I have this warning, can anyone tell me if is safe to proceed?
I have use the official web site: https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/netgear_r6220


Thank you.



Your own link recommends


Yes I know, thank you, but using that fw, give me the error I told. :frowning:

You need the image for your r6220, not the generic image for the mt7621 target.

I just wonder where that "cannot parse cert" error comes.
Are you using normal LuCI sysupgrade, or some upgrade tool?

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Thank you for the reply.
Since I have openwrt softw the only way I do a upgrade is by GUI, via "Upload a sysupgrade-compatible image here to replace the running firmware." but in this Rom, I also don´t understand where error comes :frowning:

I see that exist a new version 19.07.8
I will test with this..come here soon.

opkg list-installed | grep ucert
hexdump -C <img> | tail -n23

"opkg list-installed | grep ucert"
result: ucert-full - 2020-05-24-00b921d8-1

How can I find image name or it´s a direct command, but give me a unexpected syntax error on "|" (pipe)

the image name is the image you are trying to flash i.e.


remove the ucert-full package... then you should be ok..

I will try it, thank you again

Good Morning,

Removing that package, helped.

Thank you.

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