Netgear R6220 is worth to buy?

I'm thinking in buying Netgear R6220 but im wondering if:

-The Mac bug issue its fixed and if its, where i can find the fix for the 3 versions?
-If I will be able to use it as wireless dual band extender with WPA2- Enterprise EAS PEAP ?

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There are no "3 versions". This was a misconception by observation, the real reason is that errors in flash memory ("erase blocks") cause the partitions to shift making different people see different layouts. See, also for the state of the bug (which at this time is still unresolved).

I saw that, just 1 person said the patch solved the issue what insure me of nothing, so i was wondering if i buy and then will not be able to use the wireless because of that bug and will not be able to fix. I just wanted to use for the 2nd question so i need the wireless working.

My personal take, and please don't take this as gospel, is that unless a) the bug is fixed or b) you're able to patch another offset into the image -- it's a gamble. You might luck out and your flash doesn't have erase blocks, or (like in my case) they are located where they don't shift the partitions, but it's not a given.

As for the reported issue with 5GHz Wifi, I cannot reproduce it. My R6220 runs rock stable on a master build, warts and all.

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Thanks for your answers, I have read this before posting, you think this help?

Do you know where i can find what OpenWrt have about accessing WPA2- Enterprise EAS PEAP?

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From the github: the one version says
Factory partition: <0x2de0000>
and the other version says
Factory partition: <0x2dc0000>

So this person built two images that work with "erase block shifted" partitions, I assume the one is for one, the other is for two erase blocks shifting the partition. If anything, that's a band-aid and not alleviating the underlying problem.

Generally, I wouldn't consider one-off builds by random persons to be a "good solution." Again, at this point you're gambling. If you don't feel comfortable with that, maybe wait a bit more or look into a different device. I mean, the R6220 isn't particularly unique in what it is or what it does anyway.

I'm not qualified to answer that. But I think this is not related to the R6220 in particular.

Well I did search for available routers with dual band with external antennas in the suggested routers list of OpenWrt and Netgear and Asus was the only´s where i didn't found versions in the brands models what insure me that later when I order the seller don't send me the wrong version for witch OpenWrt could be not available what can happen. With Netgear that its impossible to happen.

Other model i have my eye on its the Netgear R6120 but its a snapshot release and have few posts here so i dont know about it.

How much is your budget?

Around 60 Eur.
My main goal its to repeat a wireless peap signal,but the router must have external antennas because signal its weak without but I am hopping with some nice dbi he will catch even the 5ghz to extend, also a brand without different versions in each model to avoid problems and of course explore what OpenWrt have to offer at his maximum or almost because im very curious about it.

If you're not within the intended general user coverage area of the AP, I would suggest a CPE (Mikrotik, Unifi etc) as those have a built-in gain antenna.

EAP authentication is separate from the radio system you just need enough memory for the full wpad install which is basically any model with the recommended memory sizes of at least 8/64.

I catch 2.4GHz (20% signal with my laptop) inside 1 division at home and both bands in the street, the source its somewhere inside a building in front at few meters from me.
Whats CPE?
Full wpad have peap?

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CPE stands for Customer Premises Equipment. It is used in situations where an internet service provider uses relatively long-range WiFi to serve customers from another building or tower. Typically they are mounted on the outside of a building but can also be used indoors to beam through a window or worst case through a wall.

For example: (no endorsement)

Most of these can run OpenWrt.

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As I use three R6220s at my home I can support the statement that it is very stable (as of 18.06.2).

Advantages of the R6220: cheap (depends on the country you are coming from), a lot of memory (128MB NAND/128MB RAM), dual core CPU, 2.4/5 GHz bands working reliable (if you don't run into the erase block issue), GBit Ethernet ports, AP/VLAN support, 4 SSIDs per band, Mesh support - and very important: a great tool (nmrpflash) to unbrick the device in case anything goes wrong

You will find a lot of current devices supported by OpenWrt but several cheap ones have network issues with one of the bands.

Disadvantages: The only significant one that I am aware of is the erase block issue. In case that you run into this issue you have different options:

  1. Wait for the patch to be tested and approved to fix the problem
  2. Use an image provided by one of the users
  3. Compile your own image using the work around patch with different memory addresses (called A and B versions) that I uploaded to GitHub (you can review the source code changes which are straight forward)
  4. Flash back the original firmware using nmrpflash and if you are in the European Union use the 14 days return policy to return the device with full refund.

Please keep in mind this is a low cost router (I bought it for 40 EUR) - don't compare it to an AVM Fritzbox for 200 EUR.


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New URL:

The old page is for archival purposes only and does not receive updates any more.


One thing to be aware of is that the external antennas are often for 5 GHz only. Antennas of the “stick” style only have a couple dB of gain anyway.

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So changing that code on /etc fix? So there are a fix after all, just need to flash 3 times maximum until its fixed?

Thats a lot more cheap than I find. Whats the shop name?

Whats the sensitivity gain of that antennas in 2,4 and 5Ghz?

So I went to look for others and I came with a few more options among the Netgear R6220:
Inside budget:
Wavlink WL-WN570HA1
Have 2 x 7dBi detachable antennas, but the downside its besides the few info here, the snapshot link takes us to a 404 error, I found a commit but I dont know if it is the snapshot.

Devolo WiFi pro 1200e
The cheapest but just 2 dbi antennas, don't know if its detachable.

Above budget:
Unifi AC Mesh
Its outdoor what its good.The downside he just have 183 meters range even been outdoor.

Witch you guys choice between the 4?

None of those really. as they all have omni antennas. Since you're interested in making a fixed point to point link to one AP, look for something with a panel antenna with 10-12 dBi.

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I searched for devices in dual band and can´t find any with direction antenna.
Maybe I missed it, can you show me the device you are talking?