NETGEAR R6220 img file

Yesterday I got a new Netgear R6220, and I want to install OpenWRT on it.

Just have one problem basically, and that is choosing the right img because the guide isn't very clear (imo)..

From what I gather from under "Installation", I should use

But under the first (easy) method it says I should use a OpenWRT snapshot, does that mean I should use the snapshot img from

And is this all I need? If I need to use the snapshot img, does that come with LEDE (might have read an old post where it said it needed to be installed separatly..)?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

The 19.07.3 image is the latest stable image and I would recommend using that. A snapshot is basically an image that is build from the latest development code, and has a much higher chance of containing bugs since it is not widely tested.

Also, LEDE was the name of the project a few years ago when it split off from the Openwrt project, but it has since remerged and is back to being called Openwrt. I think what you mean is Luci, Openwrt's GUI. Luci is included in the stable images, but is NOT included in the snapshot releases.

Okay thank you very much!
And yes, meant Luci :slight_smile:

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