Netgear R6220 cpu temp


I have Netgear R6220 run openwrt 21.02, now I installed " luci-app-statistics" and "collectd-mod-thermal", "collectd-mod-sensors" enable sensors, but I can't see any CPU temp statistics.
Now, has Netgear R6220 cpu sensor?


I don't think mt76 devices have thermal sensors (or at least sensors supported by lm-sensors).


I don't find info about mt76, but my other router Netgear Dm200 has Lantiq VRX220 and support thermal sensors.

Lantiq is different architecture (but both are still MIPS). I'd recommend to search through Linux kernel source code what exactly is supported for MediaTek MIPS SoCs.


yes thank you @ksx4system for help. Solution my problem:

How to read thermal sensor data on MT7621?


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