Netgear r6220 can't login

i installed the openwrt files onto my router and it takes me to a luci interface login screen but nothing i use works i have tried to use every password combination to login and... i can't even login with TFTP it keeps giving me a ip

But did you try the default username "root" and no (i.e., empty) password?

Yes I tried everything possible

Which exactly, and which installation instructions did you follow?

this site;a=commit;h=38bee61dab029a7608088f64da71c19cfc8cf267

Although I'm not sure if and how it would cause this exact problem, a "bug" with shifting memory offsets (that also affects the R6220) has only recently been patched. Since you get a LuCI login screen I would assume you didn't install a recent snapshot build but rather a 18.06.x build (that comes with LuCI, and still contains the bug).

Personally, I would start over and install a recent snapshot.

thats the thing i can't get my router back to default or factory ssettings it won't except telnet or tftp i can't find a way to revert it and the hold the rest button and turn the power switch on to put it in the mode to except telnet connections

From the very link you just posted above:

I can't even get the router to show up in the nmrpflash -L

OpenWrt uses SSH.

nmprpflash -L doesn't list routers, but network interfaces. If that is already failing you are doing something really wrong.

It will not except nmrp connection either

As I said, you are probably doing something really wrong. The problem is: I can't tell you what it is. What you are trying to do should basically ... just work. There is nothing that could have broken, or that you could have broken this early.

You should be able to login with root and no password. You should be able to get a list of network interfaces from nmrpflash -L. You should be able to reflash your Netgear using nmrpflash if you follow the instructions closely.

My only guess is that there's something strangely off with your network connection on your computer's end. If that's not it, I really have nothing ... sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in?

Can fix? Of the knot is the same symptom