Netgear R6220 AC1200 repeater configuration

I am a new user of Openwrt I need some help with configuration of my Netgear R6220 I get confused on how to turn it into a Universal Wireless Repeater. I have a strong wifi signal of XFINITY to authenticate it it needs a certificate install using my Xfinity username and password I would like to be able to repeat the XFINITY signal as my own . Where I live the XFINITY signal is a better and stable connection than the "open" xfinitywifi thank you I appreciate the knowledge and information

@norman1980, welcome to the community!

  • first, ensure this complies with their Terms of Service :exclamation:

Have you tried hitting the Scan then Join Network buttons?

This should create a Wireless WAN (WWAN). If you can authenticate and proceed from there, that may be all that's needed. Hope this helps.

So when I get to joining the network I get this


  • What happens when you complete the process by submitting and connecting the WWAN?
  • Are you able to proceed to the ISP's captive portal to login after connection?

The XFINITY a signal wants username and password. Which isn't a issue I have a good Xfinity account,,. Here is a link to give you a idea what I'm trying to connect to

Glad you got it working.

Since I'm sure you're not trying to connect to the Secure AP - that requires their app for use, glad all is well with the Open AP!

I actually want to connect to the secure AP and the app works on Android and mac. I have a valid user name and password .

Is it possible to do a Mac address spoof from a device to get it authenticated then use that Mac address to connect to the XFINITY secure

:man_facepalming: Did you read the instructions you linked?

I highlighted the relevant portion for you above.

Of course it does, that's [the only place] where the instructions say it can be used.



I'm not sure why you keep saying username and password...but failing to mention the certificate that is installed on iOS and Android devices thru the setup process (I should note, I am also testing in range of an available Secure AP too)...I think you grossly misunderstand what you see on the Join AP screen on your phone/devices.

You need the credentials and [I assume] the certificate that's auto-entered by the app. Your ISP username and password (I guess that works with things like e-mail) goes in their profile download site/app :bulb: - which is why the instructions state that their Secure APs only work thru the app! :wink:

If you have that cert and/or account, then connect and proceed. Simple. Otherwise, it seems you're attempting a configuration that's not supported in the setup instructions. The ISP should be more than happy to assist you with that, if that is a supported configuration. You are their paying customer, after all. :slightly_smiling_face:.

(as a side note BTW, Theft of Service is a crime in most jurisdictions that ISP operates...and asking us to gain service not listed in the ToS would be against the Community Guidelines ...IF that were your intention, of course... :angel: )

I am a legal customer the secure AP doesn't have a app for windows should I try to set this up from a different device