Netgear R6100 vs Netgear R6220 vs Netgear WNDR4700

I just flashed the rev 22.02 on my Netgear R6220 and that worked like a charm. However, I am perplexed a little. My WNDR4700 has 128MB of NAND and it gives me about 30 MB to install packages. My Netgear R6100 also has 128MB of NAND and it gives me more than 60 MB to install packages. And my Netgear R6220 also has 128MB of NAND but gives me only 10 MB to install packages.

What drives such large inconsistency and also how can free up more NAND on my R6220 to that I don't have to use the only USB for exroot. I would rather use that usb port to put in a flash for samba.

Please help and advise.

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Each device has a partition scheme designed by the manufacturer. OpenWrt installs itself in the available partition, and its size depends on the manufacturer choice. The real goal is that the bootloader can still boot the partition.
I have also noticed such differences, while all devices have the same NAND size. The partition layout can be redefined, but it's very tricky.
All your devices are short on NAND, you can find model with 256 MB giving you much more space. And ultimatly, a x86 device is the ultimate solution, you can have GBs available.

EDIT : I have 18 MB available on a R6220 (running master snapshot and a few extra packages, less than 1MB)

Most modern devices also come with an a/b dual-firmware partition scheme to improve robustness, which already halves the available space from the beginning.

the R6220 has a reserved partition 60M i think
you can add it to available room "concatenate"
but you have to compile your own openwrt
with a modified dts file
I can dig up a copy of the DTS if you want to try it

Unfortunatly, that is not the case for these devices.

Thank you everyone. Now its clear to me. OpenWRT is not reinventing the entire flash and just making use of the designated flash portion for firmware.

And, yes I will look for 256 MB devices that have a stable radio performance. Any names ... top of the head?


you can always use a USB sick or HDD/SSD with extroot

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