Netgear R6100 New install 18.06.1 USB HDD problem

I had previously posted my experience in installing and using Netgear R6100 with OpenWrt version 18.06.1 here: New Install 18.06.1 on Netgear R6100

Subsequently, I purchased a Seagate portable USB 3.0 HDD and went to connect that to create samba shares. To my surprise, the HDD wasn't being recognized at all. Then I installed kmod-usb-storage-uas using luci and everything worked like a charm after that.

Netgear R6100 has a Big NAND space for software and as such kmod-usb-storage-uas has a small foot print. Perhaps it can be included as a part of the standard image in the next release for R6100.

Many thanks.

The rationale is only the minimally required package set is provided. You don't need any storage modules for the USB to be functional.

your point is valid, however, we are building very specific images for each target. In this case, Netgear R6100 image after installation still has spare 98.77 MB of free space without doing any exroot. I am not sure how specific the build is for each box but since looking ahead the USB is most likely going to be used for connecting a storage, I thought of making this suggestion.

People involved in details clearly know what is the best and so I defer to you guys after making my suggestion.

Thanks for responding with a valid point.

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