Netgear R6100 5Ghz. WiFi not working after initial install

I just installed went through the install of LEDE on my NetGear R6100. The 5Ghz Wifi isn't working and it seems to me missing the firmware I need to install ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware. How can I get and istall this. I want to make sure I get the correct version and do the install correctly. I have no experience with "Make" so a installable package would be great.

All help and advise greatly appreciated.

Log in through SSH, run opkg update, then install the required package(s). From what I can find, the R6100 profile indeed does not include any ath10k packages by default...

Let me know which packages you needed to install, so I can send in a patch to fix the R6100 profile.

Hi thank you for the reply. Forgive my ignorance, when you say log in via SSH please explain where and how. In regards to what packages I want some stuff but am not clear as to what some packages do.
Thanks again

Use PuTTY on windows e.g. to SSH as root to Then issue the command above. You can also install packages from the GUI but I've never used it myself. You'll need kmod-ath10k either way, not sure about which ath10k-firmware package you need. Check your model on Wikidevi to be sure (or try the ath10k firmware packages one by one).

Hi I got installed via the GUI and the package thatworked was ath10k-firmware-qca988x 2017-01-11-ab432c60-1
Thank you.


I have sent in a patch to fix this, and asked for it to be backported to 17.01 as well. If all goes well, the point release should have a fully functional build for your device :slight_smile:.

Thank you I for yourepair help and guidance

You're welcome :wink:

Another issue I have noticed with the wireless is the 2.4ghz WiFi is listed
as generic not hardware specific.

No clue where the'generic' comes from, but it's nothing to worry about.