Netgear R6100 5Ghz Radio Issues

Hello All, maybe someone can shed some light on my problem. I originally installed Openwrt on my netgear R6100 and could never get the 5Ghz radio working until another member of Openwrt introduced me to LETE. Anyways, i removed the Openwrt firmware and installed LEDE, 5GHZ was working until i updated the firmware with the latest .Tar upgrade file. I've tried all of the ath10 drivers and no luck, also installed the Kmod-ath10 files without any luck on getting 5g radio working. Anyone else experience the same problem? there is very few info on this.. at least that i can understand. Thank you

Not sure if this matters but 5Ghz radio is working when i deactivated the 2.4 Ghz. Shouldn't they work simultaneously??

They should. However, you should provide logs (e.g. logread output, wifi status output), so people can have a look. 'It doesn't work' is far too generic to get you any answers.

Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to upload my system log but get error message that its too large.

any way of uploading a pdf of the log?

Use a pastebin service like

Thanks Borromini

System Log

Kernel Log .

So it looks like you are using the kmod-ath10k CT driver, have you installed the ath10k firmware as well? From what I can tell, it seems the drives tries to load multiple firmware versions, but ultimately fails.

On my (non CT) LEDE installations, I have this:

# opkg list-installed|grep ath10k
ath10k-firmware-qca988x - 2017-01-11-ab432c60-1
kmod-ath10k - 4.4.48+2016-10-08-1

When i first installed LEDE i installed Kmod-ath10k and then installed ath10 firmware one at a time and rebooted the router, if i didn't see the driver i would uninstall the firmware delete the folder using wincp and installed the next driver. It seem to be working right now but when i enable the 2.4 radio the 5g radio signal drops and also download speeds drop. Wlan 0 should be my 5g radio. see below

Wireless Overview

Generic MAC80211 802.11bgn (radio0)

Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz) | Bitrate: ? Mbit/s Scan Add
0% SSID: LEDE | Mode: Master
BSSID: 44:94:FC:A7:71:A3 | Encryption: WPA2 PSK (CCMP) Disable Edit Remove

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11nac (radio1)

Channel: 48 (5.240 GHz) | Bitrate: 250 Mbit/s Scan Add
77% SSID: Thereal1 | Mode: Master
BSSID: 44:94:FC:A7:71:A5 | Encryption: WPA2 PSK (CCMP) Disable Edit Remove
Associated Stations

SSID MAC-Address Host Signal / Noise RX Rate / TX Rate
wlan0 Thereal1 EC:1F:72:40:83:19
android-7296524e513019d3 (
-59 / -101 dBm 24.0 Mbit/s, 20MHz
200.0 Mbit/s, 40MHz, VHT-MCS 9, VHT-NSS 1, Short GI

wlan0 Thereal1 A8:BB:CF:23:12:9A
Dianes-MBP (
-54 / -101 dBm 24.0 Mbit/s, 20MHz
300.0 Mbit/s, 40MHz, MCS 15, Short GI

Don't know then. Did you compare your signal levels before and after?

No i didn't... I only noticed the signal bitrate dropping from 300 Mbit/s to 6Mbit/s when i activate the 2.4 ghz radio