Netgear R6020 (AC750) supported?


New here. I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. I'm looking to see if this router is or can be supported? If I need to open the actual router, I will. If there is an install package that would work, which should I try? Thank you

Information below.

8MB flash 64MB ram


It is currently not supported, but a superficial look at the FCC images suggests mt7628an+mt7612e - which should be supportable (but it's still down to someone actually adding support for it, the DTS, the image generation code, the necessary preconfiguration).

Your in luck!....

Hardware is almost identical to which is supported......

Your model has half the flash tho'. ( 8Mb instead of 16Mb ).... In general that's workable too.

So from here, you want to find out your devices partition layout..... Or the 6120 images size ( looked ok to me )..... If they are compatible your job will be very easy ;0

If not it's still not difficult but at the same time not something for the lighthearted either...... Unless a kind soul will build an image for you. :wink:

Thank you both for your replies. I have always had horrible luck of buying routers than are not supported. So basically compare firmware image sizes of both the 6120 and 6020 from netgear? If they are similiar just throw the 6100 openwrt on there? Just clairfying :-). There is hardly any information for this regarding this router.

No, you will have to make some adaptions (DTS with proper partition location+sizes, hwid for the image generation, proper preconfiguration) - given the hardware and already supported similar devices that might be relatively easy, but it's not done with throwing other images until one sticks.

Ok great! If there is a will there is a way :stuck_out_tongue:. I'm running mint on a lappie. The link Wulfy posted seems within my capability. Is there a link for the procedure you are mentioning?

Edit: I wanted to do this to secure my home office network with the added bonus of possibly boosting my wifi capability to 1200. Supposedly the wifi speed is regulated by netgear's firmware since the 6120 is almost identical. It was either this or build a clearOS box.

  1. @slh has been a little ( lot ) more realistic about the effort required apologies.

  2. If I were you i'd fork out the $120 to $220 (AUD) for a known compatible device and if your still keen, a practicable way forward is to get a serial connection to the device / a terminal on it remotely if there is a known console ( ssh / telnet / http overflow ).....

If it pans out you'll have an adaptable setup and you could choose to purpose one device for VPN or WIFI only..... etc. If it doesn't pan out then you'll still have almost the same adaptability.... within the limits of the OEM firmware.....

The purpose of getting the console is to determine HWID, FLASH LAYOUT..... and then enlist the community.....

R6020 HWID

version control: 256
download control: 0
hardware ID: "CFR"
hardware version: 0x4100
firmware version: 0x38
starting code segment: 0x0
code size: 0x7300

R6120 HWID

version control: 256
download control: 0
hardware ID: "CGQ"
hardware version: 0x4100
firmware version: 0x46
starting code segment: 0x0
code size: 0x7300

Why that? The Table of Hardware shows the support status of many devices, so you can check beforehand.

If you want to buy a new device, you should probably also take a look at Table of Hardware: Ideal for OpenWrt Doing so will save you from buying unsupported devices.

Because tmomas, when I go out to buy a new router I completely forget I want to run different firmware. :slight_smile:

Wulfy - after my last post I thought the exact same thing. My thoughts were either get a better/supported router or build a linux firewall box. Most my work is done over ethernet. I only have one PC on wifi.

With the server I won't be restricted to hardware. I can pretty much put any distro related to security on there. I'll probably do that. I guess this was an attempt to make the most of what I had on hand.