Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 LEDs blinking orange and white

Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 LEDs blinking orange (5th from right) and white (3rd from right)

I had to remove all Ethernet connections from my patch panel, but not from the R7800 and till now not all cables are connected again, since I would like to think about a new setup. What I need for the moment works, but not everything which should work some day again.

Follwing the manufactures manual, 3rd nd 5th from the right should be ethernet ports 2 and 4, but there is no orange blinking explained. So the orange blinking could be openwrt specific. Any idea why it blinks in orange and white?

On the backside, the "internet" port is connected, port 2 and 4. So this means that the corresponding LEDs 2 and 4 blink.

Can I check something with Luci, I don't see any errors at the status-page, except that 5GHz is disabled, which is ok.

For some Netgear routers,
Orange LED is indicating a connection made at 100 Mb/s or 10 Mb/s
While white LED is indicating a connection at 1 Gb/s.

Note: Orange LED can also be indicative of poor connection due to attached/defective network cable.

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So I don't have to worry, port 2 and 4 are conncected to unused devices. Could it be, that I get the orange blinking because the device (amplifier) is off, I mean not connected to the current, but the cable is connected between amplifier and router?

So the blinking should go away, when I remove the cables from the router? At the moment all the used connections are Wifi.

The LED blinking should cease then.

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