Netgear KWGR614

Hello guys,

I have an old router I have been using since 2008 or before that.

It is a netgear KWGR614; that's it :slight_smile:
I lost its box and package so I do NOT know any more information about the device. So, I looked about upgrading it to openwrt ...

However, I only found this:

Is it the same as mine ? they look alike :slight_smile:

Help me out please..

Volpone of Arabia

Get rid of it. It's an ancient Device with only 8MB of RAM, and 2MB of flash. Not useable in 2019

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I know,,, :sweat_smile:

That's why I wanted to do some experiments with it... If it gets broken then I will throw it away.

But I really need to try openwrt :slight_smile:

I understand the sentiment, but there's really nothing anyone can do about it. OpenWrt will not run on this device, period.

Thank you :unamused:

I think I will give it away ,, and get a new one....

Many thanx guys

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