Netgear GS108PEv3 support

Hi, I just got a Netgear GS108PEv3 which looks similar to a GS108T, does any has experience flashing that device?

Hardware specs:

2 MB flash seems a bit low...

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Oh noo, great thanks for the quick response!

Did you just happen to come by it? Or did you purchase it new and can you return it?

If you'd like an OpenWrt supported switch Biot's wiki might be handy. Lots of switches that have or could gain OpenWrt support are listed there.

I'll return it and get a router from Biot's list, thanks!

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Keep in mind those aren't all supported, most of the ones that are supported are already in OpenWrt master (e.g. Netgear GS108T v3, ZyXEL GS1900-10HP/8HP/8, and a few D-Links as well).


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