Netgear extender ex6120 - power on/off - device life

I was thinking to power off/on netgear extender (AP) every day via smartsocket.

Is it possible to say that such an operation can reduce the life of such a device?


I't won't help your device life time, flash doesn't exactly like that to be repeated that often.

@slh dont understand what you said/meant?

I was talking about Powering on/off device each day 1x power off and 1x power on; ie ~30x power on/off per month, if such an operation can reduce device life time.


it can, and it probably will.

You could ask the manufacturer of your device for first hand information.

don't believe they provide info regarding that.

so its a better idea to run it 24/7? it can affect capacitors etc?

also question might be it will reduce life of it from 15y to 12.5 or 15 to 2y .. hard to say.

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USB flash, secure digital, etc are typically rated for thousands of insert/remove cycles, which I would expect to power up and read the flash in more or less exactly the way the Netgear will. It would surprise me very much if you couldn't get a few years out of this with daily power cycling.

(Edit: BTW these are very cheap used on ebay so if you're worried, keep a hot spare with a copy of the configuration.)

yeah but question would be if thats a good idea to power on/off every day or rather let it run for ages. :wink:

Just setting up a cron job to shut down the wireless for the night etc. might achieve some power saving as well. I wouldn't keep powercycling it daily.

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i assume there is no option via Luci to set timer to power on/off wifi? thxi

i disabled manually wifi interfaces no change in power consumption.... strange.

There's luci-app-wifischedule.

well i disabled both radios 2.4/ 5 and there is no change in power consumption so its not worth to do that :slight_smile:

ok difference is around ~0.6W not big deal...

Can I point out the obvious here?

You would gain nothing, in any respect. All you would do is substitute one 24/7 wifi-enabled device (the repeater) with another 24/7 wifi-enabled device (the smart socket). If you want to turn off the wifi (be it for practical or esoterical purposes) you can schedule that on the extender itself.

As for durability, both with regular power cycling or running them 24/7, my scientific answer would be: "eh" accompanied with a shrug.

OpenWrt is designed to run with minimal or no wear to the flash memory. These devices are designed to run continuously. But most importantly: These devices are also designed to be produced as cheaply as possible and can fail at any time for any reason, in my experience wear being one of the less common ones. If you're not deliberately abusing them I don't think any effort to make them last longer would yield any significant return.


What is the intention behind this?

the power socket is controled via zvawe

intention that consumption on that socket is 15W, and i don't need to operate devices between 1am-8am so i thought it would be good idea to power it off via power socket regularly but apparently not good idea :slight_smile:

I can promise you that a Netgear EX6120 will not consume anything close to 15W, more like 3 or 4.

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@takimata yes , but i have other devices on that power socket.. so i wanted to power off whole socket.