Netgear Ex6400 v2 Questions

I just got a few questions...

  1. its running on Snapshot. But the 2.4ghz is not showing up. Only just the 5ghz. Is there a way to make the 2.4ghz work?

  2. Its not working like a mesh nor as a true extender, its just working as a Access Point at the moment, so I can't load onto it without using the ethernet from my computer. So im guessing the only way is that the extender can work as a mesh is to use a better openwrt mesh ready router, such as my Belkin rt3200. (Using the lights from my donor e7350). I know openwrt is for wired connections, that's kinda my intent here. It'll connect to my Franklin T10 Temporary Hotspot through the 5ghz perfectly. But my concern is that once i install openwrt onto the belkin rt3200, how can i use the Netgear ex6400 as a mesh for my rt3200.